About Teak Wood

Teak is a hardwood that has the benefit of being easy to wholesale nba jerseys work with, in addition to its structural strength and durability. Because of those qualities, woodworkers have been <a href="http://www cialis probepackung.washingtonredskinsjerseyspop.com”>wholesale jerseys making teak furniture for centuries. Teak wood grows in countries that have tropical rainforests, such as India, Thailand and Indonesia.


Since the Middle Ages, teak wood has been prized as material in the shipbuilding industry because the wood has the unique qualities of not rotting or accumulating rust even when joined with metal. Due to its high oil content, teak wood is water repellent which also makes it resistant to insect infestation. Early teak furniture makers recognized these weatherproof advantages when British sailing ships were decommissioned but the teak was still salvageable.

In the 1800s during the Victorian era, furniture makers experimented 75 with the idea wholesale nba jerseys of creating teak furniture for outdoor use – and that is one of the primary markets for teak furniture even today. Teak park benches still in use in some European cities Solid date back 100 years.


Today’s teak furniture market is driven by consumers who know and appreciate the qualities and longevity of teak furniture. In addition to its reputation for durability, teak furniture is known for its rich warm color and satiny smooth surface. Patio furniture is a prime example of fine teak furniture, but teak is also fashioned into outdoor decking, indoor tables Bernard and chairs, and executive office furniture

If you are in the market for teak furniture, you may be surprised to find out that teak furniture is quite expensive. But, if you are tired of replacing your patio furniture Indonesia every year or so, the purchase of teak furniture may actually save you money over the years.

INDONESIA TEAK WOOD PLANTATION, depeloved phan by cheap nba jerseys the Dutch nearly two hundreds years ago, now Heerenveen its owned and managed by Indonesian Government. Indonesia Public Corporation Forestry, PERUM PERHUTANI, is responsible for managing a strict policy regarding the size and quality of trees felled each year. Perum Perhutani diligently has applied the policy of cutting and replanting that has been the cheap nfl jerseys base of successfully teak wood cultivation in Java since the middle of 19th Century . As part of our commitment to protect Furniture the environment and which sustain the need of long term supply, we use legalized Timber from Perum Perhutani Plantation Only.